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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Oh.. okay.
No updates in a while.. who cares, im lazy?
So, I made a website :) http://www.freewebs.com/unfallen Hmm.. it's great.
My mum came home today :) Got me some really cool chucks, black and pink..
Some stockings.. bright pink.. bright green.. red and black..
Lots of cool shirts :)
A skirt ...
A necklace..
FIFTY GAZILLION lip balms.......
Ohhhhhhhh a spongebob umbrella and mousepad :)
They are like.. the ultimate great.
Thats all for now..
I'll probably move my blog to my site.

Posted at 09:58 pm by unfallen
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Sunday, November 23, 2003
One of THESE again.

1. Starting Time: 9.53 pm

2. Name: Ashley :P

Meep.. 3.'s missing >.<

4. Sexiest Friend: Hmm.. I don't really have friends :|
  5. Funniest Friend: Myself or Jessy :) 
6. Smartest Friend: Lisa or Stephanie >.<

7. Dumbest Friend: Haha, I don't think of my friends as dumb.

8. Shyest Friend: Probably myself. 
9. Most boring person: Hahaha, probably some faggot old person who I don't even know. 
10. Who Do u Get Advice From: I don't tell people about my problems..
11. Height: about 160 cm or so.... 5' 3" maybe >.<

12. DOB: 19-03-1988 
13. Righty / Lefty: Righty :)

14. Eye colour: Meeeeeep! Blue - I have a freckle in my left eye >.<
  15. Shoe Size: 5 :|

16. Shoe Brand: Converse - Chuck Taylors :) (L) 
17. Do u Crack any Body Parts: EWWW.. My wrist and sometimes fingers to scare Jessy :) 
18. Pets: My cat, Buzz.

19. Siblings: Two sisters, one older one younger. 

20. E-mail: Emetophobic@hotmail.com >.<
21. Boy Friend/Girl Friend: Nehhh.
22. Crush: Lmao, I don't say "Crush" .. but, no :| Not at the moment :'[

23. Liked a Teacher: Haha, NO!

24. Killed Someone?: -nervoous laugh- -throws dust in your eyes and runs away-
  25. Laughed so hard u peed in your pants: LMAO! No, but i've cried.

26. Ice Cream: Pfft, Maybe.

27. Ran Into a Glass Door: Haha, YES!

28. Went into rotten.com: Yes -cries-.

29. Gone Skinny dipping: Noope.

30. Gotten hit by a car?: LMAO, never.
31. Ran into a parked car: Don't think so >.<

******Girls Fill Out About Guys******

32. Boxers or Briefs: Meep, doesn't bother me.
  34. Does size matter: Could do..

35. Six-pack or Muscular Arm: Arm :)

36. Body or Personality: Both is great :)

37. Ear Pierced or not: Pierced :)

38. Sporty or indoorsy: Both ^_^

39. Good Guy or Bad Guy: Hmm.. not TOO bad.

40. Light Hair/ Dark Hair: Oooh - Dark.

 41. Hat No Hat: Ew - NO hat.

42. Tan or No Tan: Pale.

******Which One is Better******
54. Coke or Pepsi: I don't notice any difference :| - Is that wrong of me?

55. KFC or McDonald's: Both, at the same time.

56. Cats or Dogs: -- Depends, not short haired cat >.< Or smelly dogs.

57. Coffee or Tea: TEA!

58. Sour or Sweet: Hmm -rubs chin- Depends :)

59. Vanilla or chocolate: VANILLA!
60. Cake or Cookies: Hmm, neither.

61. Day or Night: Night :)
62. Lights on or off: Off.

63. Summer or Winter:OH YUSS, Summer.

******Your favourite****** 64. Food: Pizza - mexican, italian =/

65. Animal: Meh -shrugs-

66. Holiday: OHH! Coromandel over new years :)

67. Quotes: LMAO! I dono right now.

68. Radio Station: PEEP MEEP! The rock or the edge.

69. Place: My bedroom. QUESTION 69 JESS!!! --

******In The Future*****
70. Will you believe in God? I can't predict the future, but probably not.

71. What you want to be when you grow up? Not sure =/

******Random Questions******

72. Define True Love: Not sure =/

73. Where were you born? Mt Wellington..

74. Favourite Place To Be Kissed? On the body.. or place in general?

75. Favourite day of the week: Friday Night =/

76. Favourite Movie: Loads..

78. Bedtime: When I want...

79. who is least likely to respond: Probably no one considering this is on my blog.
  80. Satan or God or atheism?: I was never really sure about what Ateism is.. I think that's me though.

EEP 81.'s missing >.<

82.Finishing time: 10.27 pm 

Posted at 09:29 pm by unfallen
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Saturday, November 22, 2003
Hmm, today.

Haven't updated... Heh -embaressed smiley-
Got creds on habbo -thumbs up-
I have to talk about................ people and how they react in certain situations.
I hate people who can't control their anger........ lash out on other people. It's not fair :|
Pathetic and stupid >.<
Hmm................ EHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
This is why I don't update, nothings happening :|

Posted at 05:26 pm by unfallen
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Wednesday, November 19, 2003
Oooh. A REAL Update -grins-

Oh okay.. well today, I woke up and went to my exams.
First one - one hour - multi choice - easy as fucken shit.
Second - one hour thirty -.-" - core - Pretty easy. I answered every question, fuck I'm a genius.

Okay.. and thats all.

So, I was doing a quiz just now and there was this question.. What type of music do you like?

So there were your options.. all the normal bullshit.. and then this.. >< <>
Anything, as long as there's not a lot of cursing or anything of that sort. Naughty music embarrasses me. *sweat drop*

I thought of Jess. LMAO! "sweat drop" hah - you'd say that -glares- Even if you think you wouldn't, I know you would, I KNOW!

Okkay... Well, I got home from the exam and sat on my ass.. oh.. and on my way home I was driving fucked up cos I was eating my burger king.................
Fuck. Must stop eating fat foods.
Oh well.. I ate burger king yesterday.. for lunch... wendys for dinner... and burger king again today.
Ohh.. and on the way to wendys stu was all... they should have a sign on the motorway.. a big one.. saying "WENDYS" and I was all.. oh, fuck yes.
Gawd, wendys is the best. Bow down to wendys.

Ohhh and yesterday.. on my way to school.. this PACK of bees flew at the car.. and I didnt know what it was at first.. just these yellow things.. and then it was all sticky on the windscreen >.< And a bee got stuck in the wiper EEEP! -screams-
LMAO! And half a bee got stuck on the side mirror thing.
There was yellow bits all over the car - MUAHAHA!

Uhm.. and thats about all.. Quite a great fucking day -folds arms, nods- Yes, thats right, Bitch.

Oh yeah.. I want creds, NOW! -throws a tanty- 

Posted at 02:53 pm by unfallen
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Tuesday, November 18, 2003
Ahah.. these just keep getting better.

you're fuck.

What swear word are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Posted at 10:43 pm by unfallen
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LMFAO! Do it Jess, DO IT!

You like it fast and strong and you drink for one reason: to get piss-ass drunk!
Congratulations!! You're a shot of some good old
hard liquor!

What Drink Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Quizzes.... lmfao.

You are my Half-Eaten Ham Sandwich!

Which object in my refrigerator are you?
brought to you by Quizilla lime
You are Lime. You are quirky and misunderstood. You are
definitely your own person. You don't let
anyone tell you who you should be. You never
sell out your values and beliefs, no matter
what. However, you can sometimes have trouble
fitting in, but only because you are
misunderstood. Most Compatible With: Wintergreen

Which Tic-Tac Flavor Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla burning
Your soul is bound to the Burning Rose: The
Rapture. "I go where my heart beckons me, and I go
with my head high. But sometimes, I get a need
until I bleed so my heart swims above my
The Burning Rose is associated with passion,
intensity, and desire. It is governed by the
god Eros and its sign is The Flame, or Physical
Love. As a Burning Rose, you can get lost in the moment
if you let yourself. You are a very physical
person, be it in relationships, work, or play.
You may be driven by your hormones sometimes,
but you know it's because you have to follow
your instinct.

What Rose Is Your Soul Bound To?
brought to you by Quizilla

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I love Quizzes.

You are Form 9, Vampire: The Undying. "And The Vampire was all that remained on
the blood drowned creation. She attempted to
regrow life from the dead. But as she was
about to give the breath of life, she was
consumed in the flame of The Phoenix and the
cycle began again."
Some examples of the Vampire Form are Hades (Greek)
and Isis (Egyptian). The Vampire is associated with the concept of
death, the number 9, and the element of fire. Her sign is the eclipsed moon. As a member of Form 9, you are a very realistic
individual. You may be a little idealistic,
but you are very grounded and down to earth.
You realize that not everything lasts, but you
savor every minute of the good times. While
you may sometimes find yourself lonely, you
have strong ties with people that will never be
broken. Vampires are the best friends to have
because they are sensible.

Which Mythological Form Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Posted at 10:01 pm by unfallen
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Monday, November 17, 2003

Today i'm bored...
I ate some meatball shit for breakfast.
I just got nailpolish under my bellybutton =/
I'll probably update later..

The entry underneath is for the 16th :D

Posted at 12:15 pm by unfallen
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Today... so gay.

Okay, today.. I woke up.
I played on the computer for some amount of time and ate my chips and guacamole..
Talked to matt and then he departed.
Kendall and Ambi raided me of my food...
Hmm.. Then it began to get super HOT!
Taylor was frolicking outside my window... so I was singing to her and she was hitting me with an oar =/
Hmm, I finally had a shower and then prettyed up my hair..
Me and Jessie were talking about eating Wendys.
BOOYAH! I got some, bitch :)
It was PHUCKING great.
-dances around-
Unfortunately, no creds yet.. but they will come -drool- me and eve and peta can just wait in our normal person lonliness for the next few days/weeks till they come.
I love food.
C'est tres excellent.
I love music.
I love bright colors... like.. NEON!
I love the words queer and spastic.
Here is a great sentence.......... When my webcam sees a bright neon color, the queer thing has a spastic.
Aah.. I made it myself.
You know, im rambling on about bullshit to try and make my life seem so much more fullfilling..
Oh, we went to the cemetary after wendys to stare at all the graves... which give me no feeling at all.. its just like, this place with funny rock things.. I imagine that there'd be dead body floating through the air though, so I close my window to eat.
I actually just began to scare myself.
Im talking to Sophie.. ahh.. my little marshmallow. Oh, how I miss her.
So anyways.. I must come to an end now.
-x- Ashley -pets-
OH, and I miss my mum.
It's boring here with no one to annoy.

Posted at 12:15 am by unfallen
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